CEO and Founder

Passionate for film from the age of 12, I am a Certified Cinematographer who has had my eye behind a lens for over 10 years. Originally from South Florida I started with specialized classes in Video Production in my Middle and High School. After High School I attended Valencia College for Digital Media for Video and Motion Graphics.  I quickly gained hands-on experience working and was fortunate enough to meet some great associates. I began working with various productions and studios, including working on the feature film “Conan (The Barbarian) 2011″ with MG Studios. After free-lancing for a year I saw how companies were being ran and felt I can offer more to my clients and employee's. With the help of my associates, friends, family, and passion we now have Short Stop Studios. From pre to post production my team and I cover all aspects of Digital Media, evolving your imagination to a full Cinematic production.