My story began in Sofia City, which is the capital of Bulgaria. Born and raised there, I spent most of my childhood years in the city. At the age of 13 I moved to the United States. As I was beginning a new life, I took advantage of the arising opportunities to explore my interests, one of which was photography. I began to gradually obtain an education in Film Photography during the later years of high school. During this time I also received a professional DSLR, and started gaining skill in digital photography. After graduating High School I began attending Valencia College, studying Digital Media In Motion Graphics and Video. While there I met Adam for the first time in Audio Production class. From there, we stumbled upon each other in a few other  classes and sub sequentially met Richard. The friendly rivalry began. We would always be the most competitive, and motivated to outdo each other. Now we are here. After being hired by Adam to design the current logo for Short Stop Studios, I began taking on more jobs from him, and helping by investing time into the company whenever he needed help. 




To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.