Post Production Manager

My interest in film and editing sparked when I was very young, I remember taking my parents camcorder and filming my friends and myself skateboard in my backyard for hours at a time. A couple years later I met Adam Garcia in a video productions program at my middle school in Key Largo, Florida. That lead to us learning the basics in filming and editing, which resulted in us teaming up and making many short videos throughout our school. Even through high school I pursued video and editing taking several classes in my four years before graduating and moving up to Orlando, Florida. About six months after Adam Garcia started the production company Short Stop Studios, he hired me. I first began filming weddings and conventions with Adam Garcia and Denis Opalchenski as a second or third videographer. After a few short months I began prep editing and editing for Adam and Short Stop Studios. Now I can proudly say I am the Post Production Manager for Short Stop, I couldn't be happier with my film career and where i am, and know with Short Stop the sky is the limit.