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Currently in production, Samuel Garriga is composing to a new thriller film coming to Orlando Film Festival. The music score is ominous and dark with an uncomforting anticipation. Showings for the Event will be form October 17 - 21. 

Insomniac (Trailer) 

Reversed is a reality show following the life's of individuals effected by diabetes, and there struggle to change their diet, exercise, mentality, and control to reverse their diabetes! The music composed for this video was was also scored by Sam as well. 

Reversed T.V. Pitch 

This Film was entered in The 48 Hour Film Project which we  almost competed nationally. Everything from start to finish including pre-production, production and post where all done in exactly two days.  All production was done by Short Stop Studios and music was done by Mr. Garriga. 

Knock, Knock
Modern Film Style
Classical Style