Music Director and Composer

Samuel has always had an interest in film. "There's just something about the medium of film that so special. The fact that you can submerge your self into a whole new world using both motion picture and music is astounding" ,says Samuel. When he was growing up as child, music has always played a major part in his and his families life. His mother was a singer, his father was a bass guitar player and was well known locally to the point were studios around would request his father to come in. Neither his mother nor father were classically trained nor was Samuel. He always enjoyed figure things out on his own. The enjoyment of self discovery by trial and error was more intriguing to him then simply reading a text book on how to do something. "I guess you could describe me as somewhat impatient and stubborn (I got that from my mother) [laughter]. I like to jump in and figure out things out for myself and take my time. But I can also be a quick thinker when I need to be." ,says Sam. When he listens to a piece of music that he favors he buys the music score and studies it. He made a remark saying "While other enjoy reading the Newspaper, I enjoy reading film scores" Samuel has worked with quite a few people and has even worked with Calvin Jones just to name a few. Josen has a strong emotional cinematic writing style that drives film and can tell a story on its own. Keep an eye out for Samuel Josen Garriga as there will be more compelling musical works to come.