Video Services



It's our passion, and undoubtedly what we love. Wether you're looking for a short or a full feature we can make it happen. From pre-production, to final cut! 


We offer:


Pre Production Think Tanks - let us help you write and revise your script and get you through the planning process!


Production - Get on set with us and see how all the magic happens!


Editing - Cutting the best story possible, color-grading it, and even creating custom composed soundtracks!


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It's one of the biggest job-markets in our industry, and we've noticed....

Reality TV has been quickly expanding in popularity with an annual revenue of $6bn, and over 12,891 jobs as quoted IBIS world.


We have expereince in:

Reality TV Scripting





Pitches, Pilot Episodes and full length seasons.


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Due to our passion for film we know exactly how to add a cinematic look and feel to your corporate video because we know how important it is to keep your audience engaged. 


We deliver video productions of the highest possible quality inside your budget, all by using state-of the art equipement. 

And with the conveyance of your desired messages across clearly and entertaining.


We offer the following video services:

TV Commercials

Training Videos

Product Launch Videos

Corporate Event Coverage

Corporate Presentations

Brand Videos


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Music videos are one of the main entry points for music artist to promote their music and engage listeners to hear their songs.

Visual impressions are key to both the young demographic as well as older individuals.


Did you know that listeners are over 75% more likely to go back and watch an interesting music video than one lacking the visuals acompanying it?


Wether it's a story-driven or a performance-driven music video we can help you promote your vision as an artist and really show your listeners what you are all about. 


There is power in performance and expression through music videos that can't always be heard in music just it's self as a one-dimentional medium. We can help you capture listeners with the most amazing visuals, and reach the broadest audience possible.


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Tell your story in the most cretive and natural way possible. 

Documentary videos are all about sharing real life stories, while maintaining an entertaining aspect in order to captivate an audience. There is a big difference between "real" scripted TV shows and actual documentaries about real people and unedited stories.


We think that the most important distinction to make is that between a great story that is well-told and engages the audience, and simply something to "sit through". 


Through Documentaries we can help build engagement and awareness around current issues.


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The importance of capturing a live event is something nobody should ever worry about. We have experience in working hand-in-hand with all necessary parties of an event in order to completely prepare, and capture everything needed on the special day. Wether it's an:

Award Ceremony, Theatrical Play, Seminar, or a Sports Event.


We can capture any kind of event with the use of our state of the art equipement by using:


Multiple Cameras allowing for multiple angles

Capturing Professional Aduio with off-camera microphones and mixers

Including B-Roll in a way that adds to your viewing experience


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The big day is here! You should have nothing to worry about! Especially being able to enjoy it countless times over, once the vowels are said and you drive off into the sunset!


Let us capture one of the most segnificant and amazing experience of your life, in a way that will trully be the next closest thing to reliving it.


Our Wedding Packages Offer:


1-3 Cinematographers

Same-Day Edits


Professional Audio Capture

Multiple Edited Versions and Lengths


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Everything has been shot and now it's time to bring it to the "cutting board"!


We know just how important the process of editing is, and how it can make or break your final product and the vision you have behind it.


That is exactly why we will do whatever it takes to edit and finalize your video so that it is perfect. To do this we offer:


Multiple Editing Styles

Length Concious Edits

Color Corretion/Grading




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